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On Mon, 13 Dec 1999, Jon Large wrote:

> Has anyone heard of the above procedure? Am looking for the Litt's
> modification specifically, for eosinophils.

   Dominici's stain (an eosin-orange G mixture, followed by
   toluidine blue) is an old method (1902) derived from an
   even older method of Gustav Mann (1894). You need a
   mercuric chloride-containing fixative to get the best out
   of techniques of this type.

   I don't know Litt's modification and couldn't find it in any
   of 5 books I looked in just now.

   The easiest way to stain eosinophils is with an alkaline
   solution of an acid dye (such as eosin, biebrich scarlet or
   acid fuchsine). Just about the only other things to stain
   are Paneth cell granules and sperm tails, and these aren't
   likely to be confused with eosinophils.

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