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From:Barbara Wright <> (by way of histonet)
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From my understanding - VEFGr - KDR/flk shows neovascularization - not
have in-house antibodies to both the human VEGFr-KDR and the mouseVEGFr-flk
both work in paraffin sections with tyramise amplification methods.  You might
want to check out Oncogene to see if they have these two receptor antibodies.
I hope this helps.

Matthew Ogdie wrote:

> Hello Jamie,
> A friend of mine stained xenographs with an anti-VEGF that recognizes both
> mouse and human VEGF. She purchased this antibody from Oncogene.
> Sorry it took so long, but my friend returned to Germany and it was
> difficult to get the information.
> Best Regards,
> Matthew Ogdie
> InnoGenex
> (925)543-1414
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> From: Jamie Erickson []
> Sent: Friday, December 03, 1999 8:10 AM
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> Subject: Re: CD31?
> Hi Denise,
>                   I'm presently working on a mouse model of angiogenisis and
> I have been asked to try a variety of endothelial markers. I have been using
> vWF (von Willibrands factor), CD31 and v-cam-1 and I-cam-1. vWF stains
> endothelial cells very well in formalin fixed paraffin embedded mouse skin
> tissue. CD31 works on paraffin tissues but what I think the researcher need
> is a marker for neovascularization, something like a mouse VEGF which I
> don't know of any? So far I have not been able to shead light on the
> researchers studies with these markers, but I keep trying. As far as the
> clone and things go I have that in a word table which I can't attach to the
> histnet but if you like I can send it to your e-mail address. The I-cam and
> V-cam and CD31 are from pharmingen and the ICAM and VCAM only seem to work
> in frozen tissues. That's it in a nutshell let me know if you want the rest
> of the info, hope it helps.
> Jamie Erickson
> Associate Scientist
> Genetics Institute
> Andover, MA 01810
> >>> denise M m Long-Woodward <> 12/02 3:11 PM >>>
> Hi knowledgable Histonet surfers!   One of my PostDocs wants me to ask
> what other researchers are doing to label endothelial cells in mouse
> tissues (frozen and/or paraffin). Please be specific about company,
> clone, dilution, digestion/HIER techniques used.......etc.  We have been
> using Pharmigen  Rat anti-mouse CD31 (clone MEC 13.3) and
> mouse anti-human CD31 (WM59) with success but with additional lymphocytic
> populations also labelling.   We have tried Ulex europeus (Vector,
> Biotinylated) but it doesn't seem to label mouse vessels, only human.
> Any suggestions would be appreciated.
> denise woodward
> boston, ma
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