RE: Tissue Adhesion for Immunos

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From:"Dan Diaz" <> (by way of histonet)
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Hi Netters,

I also sell a very high quality slide (3/4 white glass)Salinized and Poly-L
with a nearly non-existant backround after dipping in water bath.  Adhesion
is excellent and are inexpensive in comparison to the industry standard.
Please give me a call for more info at:  1-800-331-2716 x111

FREE samples are available.

Dan Diaz
Mercedes Medical,Inc.

>From: "Shotsberger-Gray, Wanda" <>
>To:, Joyce Friedland <>
>Subject: RE: Tissue Adhesion for Immunos
>Date: Mon, 6 Dec 1999 10:33:00 -0600
>We use the hideously expensive, but worth every penny (at least in our
>Gold Plus slides made by Erie and distributed by lots of folks (Allegience,
>to name but one).  We have little trouble with slides washing off since we
>switched to these, and they even hold cervical cone sections on through ISH
>Wanda Shotsberger
>Harris Methodist Hospital
>Fort Worth TX
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>From: Joyce Friedland
>Subject: Tissue Adhesion for Immunos
>Date: Thursday, December 02, 1999 2:43PM
>What methods are all the experts out there using to keep tissue from
>loosening, folding over and falling off during Immunoperoxidase
>procedures?? The biggest problem is during antigen retrieval using citrate
>buffer in the microwave.
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