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i use tgf-b from santa cruz sc146 on zinc formal fixed, formic acid
decalcified, paraffin processes tissues, with proteinase k digestion for 5
min. as pretreatment, with dako lsab or envision detection systems.  i use a
1:200 dilution for one hour.
patsy ruegg

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Sent: Monday, December 13, 1999 9:23 AM
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I have been asked to look into Tranforming Growth Factor-beta for formalin
fixed paraffin embedded human tissue.  I tried this some three years ago
and could not get it to work.

Has anyone been able to get it to work?  What vendor? What catalog #? What
pretreatment? and what approx. dilution? Help please

Saw "One Green Mile".  See it.  It was slow going but it was GOOD.

Dana Settembre
Immunohistochemistry Lab
Pathology Department
University Hospital
Newark,  New Jersey

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