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As in any other clinical laboratory, operational assessment is key and it
involves finding answers to two basic questions:

1. How many people should really be working here?
2. What is the best mix of staff and other resources?

The laboratory's staffing ratios should be set in proportion to forcasted
workloads. Similarly, even when workload is unscheduled, there are
predictable patterns of utilization. A sample survey over a few months will
demonstrate the days and shifts that have the highest workload and staffing
should be proportionate to this predicted demand. Duplication of services
within the department should also be addressed.

Four basic actions make up the formal operational assessment:

1. Review historical, current and budgeted staffing levels.
2. Evaluate laboratory layout, automated equipment, intraunit functional
relationships, and interdepartmental coordination.
3. Identify operational deficiencies and recommend improvements.
4. Analyze all current forms and management reports for appropriateness and
timeliness of the information.

Major productivity improvement depends on one basic element - Scheduling.
Better scheduling reduces unnecessary activity flow, reduces costs, improves
patient care, and reduces waiting time for both providers and patients.

Travers, E.M., Clinical Laboratory Management, Williams & Wilkins, 1997.

Eric C. Kellar
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

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From: Mary Bryhan
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Subject: Staffing levels in Histology

Good day,  I was just wondering if there are any guidelines or formula
for appropriate staffing levels in histology?  The HT/HTL(s) also do all
cytology prep and we currently don't have any lab assistants.  Any help
would be appreciated.
Thanks,  Mary Bryhan HT (ASCP) Northern Michigan Regional Health System
- Petoskey, Michigan.

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