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I have not heard mention of this powder since my youth in Northwestern
Pennsylvania. My uncle had a hunting cabin and would dry-cure game using
Prague powder. I do know that it contained sodium chloride, sodium nitrite
and sodium nitrate. Your local butcher may have a similar powder -Morton's
Tender Quick and more input on dilution and availability.

Our HistoNet colleagues may also have more information on it's histological

I hope that this is of some assistance!

Eric C. Kellar
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

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From: Rod Slyter
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Subject: prague powder

I am looking for a solid called"prague powder". It is used in a solution
for holding wet tissue in a whole mount form for teaching purposes. Does
anyone know were I can get this powder. I tried Sigma it is not in there
catalog or on the internet site.

Thanks in advance

Rod Slyter

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