RE: Image Analysis programs

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From:"Shotsberger-Gray, Wanda" <> (by way of histonet)
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There is a MetaMorph rep in a class I am taking at a local university.  His
name is Mike Davis.  The number I have for him is 800-976-7562, e-mail:  Mike is quite knowledgable about this product, and has
experience with other company's products.  He has not been afriad to
"compare and contrast".  I used Metamorph and Image Pro in this class and
preferred MetaMorph.  Feel free to contact me about this subject!
Wanda shotsberger
Harris Methodist Hospital
Fort Worth TX

Subject: Image Analysis programs
Date: Friday, December 03, 1999 10:00AM

Can anyone tell me where I can get information on the MetaMorph program?  I
am currently looking into an image anaylsis program to purchase for
quantifying labeled cells.  Right now this would be our primary use for the
program.  I have demo'ed the Image Pro program and agree that it has many
features but it may not be the best program for us.  I requested info on
the Optimas program.  Has anyone used either of these (Optimas or
MetaMorph)?  If you have any insight I would appreciate it!  Thank You!

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