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From:Emma Carter <> (by way of histonet)
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> Okay, time for a few more details:
> The samples are all small culture cell derived tumours (largest being
> no more than 3x3x2mm)....they are in NBF when they arrive, i then
> dehydrate through alcohols(70%, 95%, 3x 100% each for 1 hour, with
> some agitation) and leave them in the first xylene substitute
> overnight, before changing it twice, after another 45 minutes in each.
> Then into three changes of wax each for an hour, before vacuum
> embedding them using about 300mbars of pressure, for 30 minutes.
> i do have the use of a microwave in the lab, although i have not use
> microwave embedding methods before, so........
> We are embedding by hand because our turnover is so small, it isnt
> really worth buying in a big machine (plus we dont have the space for
> it..), but at the same time, large enough that we can no longer call
> upon favours, or send them away to be done...(way too expensive). If
> after 6 months i am screamign and shouting, we may think about
> investing in a machine, but since i have just joined the comapny and
> they have set up a unit for me (cryostat, microtome, ovens,
> microscopes.......) i think they would probably get a bit miffed if i
> asked for more money, (just yet anyway!)
> thanks for you help,
> emma
> (i keep trying to send msgs, but then get emails back abiout
> enclosures, and my email does not get listed......any ideas? i am not
> aware of sending it incorrectly.....)

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