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Protocols (time wise) can basically be the same. You may want to run a
control through your process before you start your samples. What you will
need is a vacuum oven, timer and a lot of patience. It is a process that has
a lot of "hurry up and wait time" and that is why I believe so many people
have gone to automation. You may want to check on a refurbished product.
Some times the tech time cost and solution waste will off set the cost of
automation. Have you thought about microwave processing? Hand processing: We
hand pipette out the liquid and add solutions with a squirt bottle. Remove
as much volume as possible but don't let the samples dry out. Always make
sure your volumes are enough to "dilute" out the residual of the previous
solution. Liquid paraffin is added so you need to have either a dispenser or
a hot plate (see those savings for hand embedding getting smaller??) Then we
put our samples in a vacuum oven in paraffin. We embedded our blocks on
either  a cold plate or dry ice. If you need more specifics I can give them
to you in a private email.

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