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Hi Amy, Sorry to hear about your dilemma. Currently, we also handle the
split. The Pathology Director gave us certain guidelines (like, the
pathologist that grossed the case usually reads it,  and they each have
certain preferences for cases) which I go by when I look at the workload at
the end of the day. Then I assign cases to the doctor's according to these
guidelines, keeping in mind as much an equal distribution of the work a
possible. Do I blow it sometimes? You bet! Do they get all bent out of shape
about it? Not really (it doesn't happen that often). But for the most part,
they accept what is divvied up to them and I do not invest more than a few
moments (tops) going though about 7-9 pages of work to be assigned. I guess
I am VERY fortunate to have a good working relationship with the
Pathologist's I work for and experience mutual respect from all (a CRITICAL
formula, I think, for dividing up the cases to work). My next in charge is
trained as a back-up for this (as we are never off at the same time). Hope
this helps you,
Sue O'Brien, Histology Supervisor
Burdette Tomlin Memorial Hospital
Cape May Court House, NJ  08210
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	Hi folks,

	Looking for some insight from hospital based surgical pathology labs
on how
	your cases are distributed to your docs for microscopic evaluation.
We are
	in our 5th evolution of case distribution methods and the docs are
still not
	happy.  I would appreciate any information on: how many docs,
average # of
	cases, who does the distribution, is equanimity of cases a goal in
	distribution, and how you determine who gets what.  Any info will be
	appreciated :-)

	Amy Woodfin
	Pathology Supervisor
	St. Joseph Hospital
	Bellingham, WA  98225

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