Michel's Transport Media

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From:Amos Brooks <atbrooks@snet.net> (by way of histonet)
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  Hi,     A few days ago someone asked what Michel's Transport media was
and who sold it. I've been out a few days and the info was not available.
So here is the much belated info.     Michel's transport media is not a
fixative it is merely a solution that maintains iostonicity and pH of a
tissue (7.0-7.2). It stabilizes proteins nicely for immunofluorescence.
This solution is made up of citric acid, ammonium sulfate,
n-ethylmaleimide, and magnesium sulfate. This and more information can be
found in Histotechnology A Self Instructional Text by Frieda Carson (pg. 22
... of course this wasn't off the top of my head!!).     The solution is
available from Poly Scientific catalog # s2168. Their phone # is (516)
586-0400. sorry this came so late :-( Amos Brooks

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