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I not sure if I am older than you, but here is some more information on the
brothers as per you request.

Producing biological stains in a cellar during the first world war in England,
George Gurr soon gained a reputation for both quality and service and quickly
outgrew his humble surroundings. By 1924 the Gurr business had grown
significantly enough for George to employ his younger brother Edward .However
,by the end off the 1960's Edward separated from the original Gurr business and
set up on his own - Edward Gurr Ltd - to supply the export markets with high
quality biological stains .
In 1966 G.T. Gurr Ltd was acquired by Hopkin and Williams- which in turn was
acquired by BDH. It took less than a year for the full harmonisation of the BDH
and Gurr ranges. these ranges were expanded when the microscopy range of R.A.
Lamb, a former employee of Edward Gurr , was acquired by BDH in 1986.

And this ends today's history lesson .....

Gordon Fenn
BDH / EM Science
Associates of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

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