Aqueous mounting medium

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From:Kappeler Andreas <> (by way of histonet)
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     Dear Histonetters Has anybody a good suggestion (brand name,
catalogue number) for an aqueous mounting medium that  i) dries completely
and reasonably fast (-> slides to be archived);  ii) doesn't start with
lots of tiny air bubbles that have no other purpose than to grow larger
with  time;  iii) is easily applied, i.e. no first layer, let dry oN,
second  layer etc. (our pathologists don't like to wait ...);  iv) doesn't
cost a  fortune? We've been using Aquatex from Merck and Aquamount Gurr
from BDH with  our immunohistochemistry slides (alkaline phosphatase - new
fuchsin -> better  contrast with aqueous mounting medium than after
clearing and resin-based  mounting medium) for quite a while but never were
really happy with these  products, in particular because of their inherent
tendency to form bubbles. Any  suggestions to make our lab life bubble-free
are welcome! If you have experience  with aqueous mounting media on
automated coverslippers, don't hesitate to let me  know. Thanks a lot.  
Andi KappelerInstitute of Pathology,  University of BernMurtenstrasse
31CH-3010 Bern,  Switzerland

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