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From:Richard Pitman <> (by way of histonet)
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The message <3143E932715@UWCMCM1S.UWCM.AC.UK>
  from  RUSS ALLISON <> contains these words:

> Mainly to UK histologists.

> Have you seen the new Postal Regulations for infectious substances
> which come into effect Jan 1st 1999?  Regs known as U.N. 602

Hi Russ,

Although the regs are effective from Jan 1st, a three month
'breathing' space has been granted, due to the short time scale
involved. I am interested, because Histology here also looks after
Immunology (an accident of history), and so we regularly send sera to
Regional Immuno labs.

I am relying on my colleagues in Microbiology to sort this one out.
Apparently, PHLS has an arrangement with a commercial outfit, who
provide a package of approved postal containers and a delivery
service which undercuts Royal Mail. Microbiology hope that other
disciplines will be able to share this scheme and costs.

I imagined that there were already regulations governing the sending
of wet formalin fixed tissue, although in practice I just use several
layers of heat sealed bag, wrapped in sufficient absorbent material,
then posted in a stout postal box, which is NOT labelled 'pathologic
material' !

All the best, Richard, Worcester Royal Infirmary.

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