Re: Holiday wishes and leak proof containers.

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I used to use Rubbermaid containers for storing and kept all sizes on hand.
The dimensions of the containers make rubbermaid perfect for fixing
specimens especially resections.  If you make blocks of paraffin using
shallow trays.  you can  pin specimens to them and simply turn them upside
down in the containers.  The pathologists and residents really liked them.
You can use this method for smaller specimens too, like uterus.

Happy Holidays,

Rande Kline HT (ASCP)
Technical Services
EM Science

"P. Emry" <> on 12/21/98 02:23:08 PM

Subject:  Holiday wishes and leak proof containers.

Hi Netters,

I would like to point out to any vendors on line that my question,
"Can anyone recommend leak-proof containers for specimens stored in
formaldehyde," got only one answer from the net...Tuperware.

If anyone has other containers they can recommend I would appreciate the
guidance.  The manufacturer has gone out of business that I got our
containers from and the lids have cracked.  So far I have not found like
container lids that I can use.  I am going to have to replace all of them.

Thanks for your time.

Happy Holidays to all with much thanks to all who have given generously of
their time and wisdom.  A special thanks to those who keep the net alive.
It has been a very rich source of information and good humor and

Have a great '99!

U of Washington, Seattle

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