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Time to give up those North Atlantic states...the weather is too extreme. Come
to Texas.  We have an opening.

Fort Worth has a great downtown: shops, cows, movies, cows, restaurants, did I
mention cows?  There are outlet malls in every direction in case you are a
shopper...if you're not, well, they're still there, you just don't have to go.
We have a zoo, (sorry, no cows), about a bazillion restaurants, the opera,
pool halls, an indoor ice skating rink...golly, who could ask for more?
Actually, there is more...I'm just thinking about one street.  I hope no one
from the Chamber of Commerce reads this...

We're close to Dallas and DFW Airport, so you can fly back whenever you want
to chase a cold front or a hurricane, we're close to Louisiana if you want to

We have a brand new histology lab just waiting for the first stain on the
floor, automated IHC, automated routine staining, automated coverslipper and a
coffee pot that never quits.  Check us out.

Linda Gephart
Pathology Department
All Saints Hospital
1400 Eighth Avenue
Fort Worth, TX  76104
(817) 922-7040 - desk
(817) 927-6296 - fax

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