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From:Victoria Baker <> (by way of histonet)
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Brrrrrrrrrrr!! I heard the only way to stay warm up there was to find
a friendly Grizzly!

Two weeks ago I was in Washington DC and it was 60 degrees C, pansies
were blooming alongside Christmas trees and people were jogging around
the mall with shorts!  My aunt from Central America was the only one
feeling "a bit chilled"!  Hearing "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" with
flowers of spring next to you was a very strange feeling to say the
least.  But!  Given the past week of cold, I don't think the pansies
are out anymore!
To the founders of Histonet - the amount of assistance your server has
done for Histologists, Pathologists and lab personnel is enormous, and
we the users are very greatful.

Good luck finding a friendly Grizzly!
Don't worry about errors or mis-spelled words.....
St. Nick & Santa don't understand what we do anyway!

Vikki Baker
Bayville, NJ

---Gayle Callis  wrote:
> To all my friends and colleagues,  Happy Christmas, Merry Christmas
> Joyeux Noel, Felis Navidad, Happy Holidays and a prosperous,
> New Year.  It has been a great year of discussion on H'net!  Kudos
> to Herb and Linda, our stalwart spinmeisters of Histonet.
> If I misspelled anything, Santa or St Nicholas will take his revenge!
> From the very cold (-10F!) Last Best Place, Montana!
> Gayle Callis
> Veterinary Molecular Biology
> Montana State University
> Bozeman MT 59717-3610

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