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Hi Lynn and fellow histonetters,

Thanks for your reply. I'm pretty sure it is not formalin pigment, it
looks nothing like formalin pigment to me. After reading your post it
occurred to me that I should recut the block and see if it is still
there or if it happened after processing. Would you be willing to look
at the slide? I would be very appreciative if you would review a slide.
Is there anyone else out there in cyberspace who wants to take a shot at
this. I would be happy to send anyone who would like to participate a
slide with my "so-called" artifact on it. We could then compare notes.
Any help would be appreciated and as you stated Lynn, it would be hard
to make a guess without actually looking at the slide. Any takers please
send me your address and I'll send it right out to you!


EMC, Rancho Mirage, CA
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> From:	Lynn Gardner []
> Sent:	Wednesday, December 30, 1998 4:56 AM
> To:	Hagerty, Marjorie A.
> Subject:	Re: Strange new artifact
> Could it possibly be formalin pigment? How long are the specimens in
> fixative before decalcification? Have you checked the date on your
> decal
> solution to assure that it is still good? These are possibilities but
> would
> have to see the pigmentation to really know what it is.
> Good Luck!
> At 01:55 PM 12/28/98 -0800, you wrote:
> >Hi Everyone,
> >
> >We process a lot of decalcified tissue, hips, knees, etc. A new
> artifact
> >(new to us at least) has recently appeared. It is a brownish
> >pigmentation in the cartilage and seen microscopically. Has anyone
> ever
> >seen this before? Does anyone have a clue as to what may be causing
> it?
> >
> >Nothing has changed with the way we decalcify. We use formical 4 as a
> >decalcifier. A general procedure that varies somewhat with individual
> >specimens is to: put in formalin for 3 days, cut with saw and put
> back
> >in formalin for 2 days, then put in formical 4 for 3-4 days.
> >
> >Hope someones knows!
> >
> >Thanks,
> >Marg
> >EMC, Rancho Mirage, CA
> >

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