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Dr. Tyler:

I have tried the modification of the Steiner microwave technique introduced
by Bosma in 1984*, and later by Elias and Bosma in 1987. These methods
employ the use of 'alpha-amylase' to predigest the sections. My preference
is the Steiner microwave modification by Garvey W. et al: Modified Steiner
for the demonstration of spirochetes. J. Histotechnology 8: 15-17, 1985. I
have also stained spirochetes with the classic and modified microwave
methods of Dieterle, Steiner and Steiner and Warthin-Starry. The choice of
methods appears to be a personal one. All the methods differ slightly with
the use of uranyl nitrate as a sensitizer, pH, reproducibility and turn
around time.

I have all of the above mentioned methods and would be happy to fax you a

*Boon ME, Kok LP (1988) Microwave Cookbook of Pathology: The Art of
Microscopic Visualization. Leiden: Coulomb Press Leyden.

Eric Kellar
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

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	Sent:  Saturday, December 19, 1998 1:32 AM
	Subject:  Bosma Steiner stain

	Does anyone have a reference for the procedure for this modification
	the Steiner stain?  Is anyone using this procedure?

	Thank you.

	William B. Tyler MD
	Department of Pathology
	Geisinger Medical Center
	Danville, PA 17821
	Penn State Geisinger Health System

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