Is denatured Ethanol useful in histology?

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Hello Histonetters,

A basic question for those few of you stuck at work today.  We have come
across a bunch of denatured ethanol in an "abandoned" lab (from our  rif -
reduction in force- tide).  Can I use this ethanol in dehydration steps
during  the hematoxylin counterstaining of immunohistochemistry slides?  We
have always used it for molecular, but it will take us ages to use up in
these procedures.  I would love to hear your opinion on this.  (please reply
direct if you get this message in multiples!)

I hope this doesn't repeat too much.  But, in case it does ...

Happy New Year!  May 1999 bring you many good blessings!

(It is snowing here!  The typical light dusting Washington, D.C. is known
for.  Just enough to make driving hell - we are not "experienced" snow
drivers- but not enough to actually play in)

Noelle Patterson
Naval Medical Research Center
Bethesda, Md

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