IHC on 50 micron brain sections

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From:"Harclerode, Donna" <DHarclerode@ligand.com> (by way of histonet)
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Hi Lillith any anyone else who is interested,
I used to work in a Neuroscience lab and we did 20-50 micron sections on
bird (and other animal) brain and flat sections of retina on a routine
basis with wonderful results.  The free floating sections were stained
in mircocentifuge tubes and rinsed in nets (there are many other ways
out there) then mounted on slides. Each tube can be stuffed full of
sections and  incubated in the fridge overnight in primary with constant
gentle agitation. Glass hooks made from Pasteur pipettes sealed and bent
with a Bunsen burner are ideal to handle sections. Paint brushes can
also be used to transfer sections.

I will be happy to fax anyone complete protocols.

Donna Harclerode HT, HTL, (ASCP) QIHC
Ligand Pharmaceuticals
San Diego, CA

PS. I provided PharMingen with the IHC protocols they printed in their
97 catalog if you can get a copy of that.

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