Hale's Collodial Iron - The latest craze in pathology

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From:Victoria Baker <vbaker60@yahoo.com> (by way of histonet)
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I am convinced that it has to do with an article recently published in
one of the journals related to pathology.  Prior to this I had never
heard about this particular procedure.  But like Terrier's with a
bone, pathologists don't let up when they have something specific in

I look at the "Bright Side" though.  I'll get the bloody thing to work
and then no one will order it!  I sort of relate it to getting Tdt to
work properly, everyone was fired up to get it, and then once on-line
I've only gotten 2 requests in 9 months.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and enjoys a happy New Year.

Vikki Baker

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