HPV probe for skin warts

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From:ppyle@notes.mdacc.tmc.edu (by way of histonet)
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Dear Histonetters,
I'm looking for the human papilloma virus strain that is found in skin
warts.  I am assuming that this strain is separate from the anogenital
strains(6/11/18/31/33/35, etc..)  I seem to remember HPV 1 as being a skin
wart strain, but I have no literature, just a vague memory(and that memory
is not as good as it once was!!).  Once we establish the strain number,
does anyone know of a company who manufactures it??  I'm calling various
suppliers of the above mentioned anogenital strains, but so far they have
no knowledge of skin wart HPV strains.
Thanks in advance for your help!  And have a safe holiday!!
Pam Pyle, 713-792-7936

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