Disposal of DAB

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From:johnsom@shmc.org (Mickie L. Johnson) (by way of histonet)
To:histonet <histonet@magicnet.net>
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We have just set up a Dako Immunostainer and are now trying on the best and
cheapest way to dispose of the DAB waste.  We can ship out the liquid waste
for $7-800.00 per 55 gallon drum or neutralize the waste or now use a filter
system from Nyad which costs about $300.00 per filter which will handle up
to 40 gallons.

Does anyone out there know which is best. The filter requires a peristaltic
pump and stand which Nyad sells for $1700.00 which seems a bit steep.  Can
anyone help?
Thanks and Happy Holidays

Mickie Johnson
Histology Supervisor
Sacred Heart Medical Center
Spokan, Washington

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