Bosma-Steiner procedure

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Dear Dr. Tyler:

I used to do the procedure at NYU for Dr. Ackerman's lab of
Dermatopathology.  The only modification was incubating the slides
prior to starting the procedure in a 0.5% solution of amylase.  We
were using this procedure in the mid 1980's and I don't know that they
are doing it anymore there.  One of our pathologists came back from a
conference and had an article that I had to decipher to actually set
up the procedure.

I incubated the slides at 60 degrees C for 1 to 2 hours.  Pre-heating
the solution for a minimum of 30 minutes accelerated the digestion
process.  Make the amylase fresh and use a good control, because it is
not a common diagnosis.  We didn't microwave anything.  I would
recommend that you try it both ways.  All other solutions were made
fresh using Sheehans protocol for the Steiner procedure.
We kept our amylase refrigerated.
I hope I have been of some assistance.


Vikki Baker, HT ( ASCP)

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