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Hi Richard

We have used sirius red F3B as an alternative to acid fuchsin in our Van
Gieson (picro fuchsin) stain as its light fastness is better. Our mixture
is as follows:
	Sirius red F3B    .....250mg
        Conc. Nitric acid .....0.5cc
        Glycerol          .....10cc
        Distilled water   .....90cc
        Picric acid saturation

We stain for 1 - 5 min depending on tissue and depth of stain required. We
usually pre-stain nuclei for 5 - 10 min with Weigerts haematoxylin. Hope
this is of some use to you.

Sirius red F3B is available from BDH/Gurr 341492F.



>Histonet collegues,
>Thank you for adding me to the subscribers list. I am an equine
>clinician now teaching. I am particularly interested in looking at
>collagen in the equine lung and it has been suggeseted that I might
>use a stain that I beleive is called Picro serius red. Is that
>appropriate? Has any one the protocol and a supplier etc?
>Thanking you in anticipation,
>Richard R Geering
>Equine Science
>Department of Biological Sciences
>Wye College
>Kent TN25 5AH
>Tel: +44 (0)1233 812401 ext 466
>Fax: +44 (0)1233 813140

Kenneth W Turner
Senior Teaching Fellow
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Department of Pathology
Otago Medical School
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New Zealand

Tel. 03 4797135  International  0064 3 4797135
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