cutting frozen chicken tendons

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Hi Kathy,
Saw your message on the histonet and wanted to suggest that you might be
helped with your chicken tendons with the CryoJane Tape-Transfer process. It
is possible with CryoJane to section bone, tendons, fat and any other tissue
without compression. The end result is a flat ,thin(as thin as 2 microns)
section bonded to the slide. The section is supported and captured on a tape
window as it is being cut. It is then transferred to an adhesive-coated
slide which is then polymerized. This converts the coating to a hard plastic
with the section bonded to it. The section will not dislodge no matter what
rigorous protocol you use!

This system can be installed in virtually all cryostats!

If you are interested in the complete story please contact us. Also do visit
our web site

Bernice Schiller

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