Shark vertebrae

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From:Michelle McCafferty <> (by way of histonet)
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Hi everyone!

	A researcher at the MBL is interested in cutting 100 micron
sections longitudinally through individual vertebra from the gray shark.
Being an elasmobranch this will be cartilaginous vertebra.  He has done
literature searches on the subject and has come up with several options
for methodology.  The MBL has a vibrating microtome available for him to
use - which was mentioned in one paper he has - but he is a little at a
loss as to how his samples should be prepared to cut 100 micron sections.
This is out of my realm of experience so I am appealing to the Histonet
gurus for help.  The vertebrae are already fixed and he believes the
fixative is formalin.  The question - how should the vertebra be prepared
for cutting on the vibrating microtome?  Should it be embedded, and if so
in which medium?  Or is it possible to cut the vertebra without embedding
on this sort of microtome.  I apologize if some of these questions sound
silly, but like I said I do not have any experience with vibrating
(other than being told that they are not all Vibratomes!).  Any
suggestions, recommendations, experiences, etc....will be very much
appreciated.  I can forward all information to the researcher or have him
get directly in touch with anyone who would care to discuss specifics more

	As always, many thanks in advance.


Michelle McCafferty
Marine Biological Laboratory
7 MBL Street
Woods Hole, MA 02543-1015

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