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     I have used three Abs in the past, albeit briefly, on frozens and on
     Lowicryl K4M processed sections for immuno-em.  If they work on the
     Lowicryl, I'd lay money on it working on paraffins.  I seem to
     remember there was some question regarding the cross reactivity of one
     or more of the antibodies to type I collagen, so you might want to
     check this out with the supplier.  Working in research, we got our
     antibodies fresh from the original investigator, but they may be
     marketed by the companies that others are recommending.  The
     antibodies are:

     20352    Rab@mouse Type III from Daniel Hartman. 1:50 dilution
     20312    Rab@human Type III from Daniel Hartman. 1:50 dilution
     (No Number) Mouse@human Type III from J Ramshaw. 1:4000-1:5000

     The staining was very nice and well defined in the tissue being
     studied (Scoliotic human spine). From my very defective memory it was
     either confined to the chondron, or the matrix between the chondrons.
     The work was never published, other than as a PhD thesis.  I don't
     remember if there were any digestions (Chondroitinase AC or ABC)

     I hope things are going well in Nottingham (I hear the weather's
     atrocious at the moment) and if I don't speak to you before christmas,
     I hope you and your family have a very merry christmas and a happy new



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Subject: Re: Collagen III
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Date:    12/8/98 8:20 AM

Dear Neil

The company quarttet in Berlin is supplying the antibodies
Scichauweg 16
12307 Berlin
+ 49 30 765 925 0

Best Regards.

Pierre Mainil-Varlet,MD, PhD
Dept of Pathology
University of Bern
Murtenstrasse 31
3010 Bern

Neil Hand wrote:
> I am looking for a supplier of an antibody for Collagen III that will work
> on paraffin sections of human tissue.  So far I have only found one
> (Biogenesis) but this is applicable to frozen sections.  Any help including
> (email) address would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance.
> Neil
> Neil Hand
> Histopathology
> Queens Medical Centre
> Nottingham NG7 2UH
> England UK
> ____________________________________________________________________
> Neil Hand
> Department Histopathology, University Hospital, Nottingham NG7 2UH.
> work : Tel: (0115) 924 9924 extension 43725
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