Re: wet tissue storage

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From:Katri Tuomala <> (by way of histonet)
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Patsy Ruegg wrote:
> For you molecular chemists:
> If you have carefully aldehyde fixed (not too long for IHC) and then
> carefully decalcified (checking the end point, not over decalcifing) but
> cannot process the tissues for a few days, what should they be stored in
> for best results for IHC.
> Patsy
Dear Patsy,
Some years back I was planning to make up multitumor (sausage) tissue
blocks for immunohistochemistry controls, but never got around to it.
My recollection is that after optimal fixation in formalin you would
hold the tissue in 70% alcohol until ready to process. You might find
some information in an article published by Battifora H. "The multitumor
(sausage) tissue block: Novel method for immunohistochemical antibody
testing. Lab Invest 1986; 55:244-248. Katri:-)

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