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Dear Teresa,
my personal preference is for 10 degrees less than the melting point for 4
micron sections. If you get too much expansion at such settings than this is
an indication that you need to rotate the solutions in your processor as
processing is going off. The one exception to this rule might be sections of
brain and spinal cord, when you might prefer 12-15 degrees less than the
melting point of your wax to avoid "explosions".
Regards Mike (downunder)
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From: Flores, Teresa <>
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Date: Saturday, 12 December 1998 12:56
Subject: waterbath temp

>Before I give this information to someone who asked, when paraffin
>sectioning at 4 microns, does the temperature of the waterbath depend on
>the type of paraffin being used to infiltrate? Or is it standard 36-40oC.
>Many thanks. Teresa

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