Re: fixation for in-situ PCR

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Hi all.  I've stated before that I'm new to histonet & have been reading
all of your questions.  I assume most of you are involved in research,
so my question is, what are your educational &/or training backgrounds.
I have an A.A.S. in Histotechnology & am currently employed with an
independant lab working in the general lab doing chemistry/spec chem,
coagulation, urinalysis & hematolgy.  I think I may like to get into
research & would like to know if I'm qualified to work in research.  I'm
also looking at going back to school for  a B.S. in biology.  Can anyone
tell me if this is a wise choice or should I think about majoring in
something else?  Any help, comments or suggestions would greatly be
Thanks in advance,
P.S.  sorry about all of the questions!
LOL :)

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