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        the answer to your question about getting into research is that you
can carry out some research no matter what your training or education. At
the UT we have individuals from high school to post docs carrying out
research projects.

Careers in research or in histology can be mentally but not necessarily
financially rewarding. I personally would be happiest if I were cutting,
mounting and staining sections all the time but relatively low salaries
prevent me from doing this.
As for education, there are some excellent training programs . I would
however recommend a BS first or in conjunction with one of the programs. A
BS (or any degree for that matter) is a tangible document that will open
other doors for you.
For histology, I would recommend that you write to NSH as they have most of
the information that you might need.
IK M wrote:

> Hi all.  I've stated before that I'm new to histonet & have been reading
> all of your questions.  I assume most of you are involved in research,
> so my question is, what are your educational &/or training backgrounds.
> I have an A.A.S. in Histotechnology & am currently employed with an
> independant lab working in the general lab doing chemistry/spec chem,
> coagulation, urinalysis & hematolgy.  I think I may like to get into
> research & would like to know if I'm qualified to work in research.  I'm
> also looking at going back to school for  a B.S. in biology.  Can anyone
> tell me if this is a wise choice or should I think about majoring in
> something else?  Any help, comments or suggestions would greatly be
> appreciated.
> Thanks in advance,
> Kim
> P.S.  sorry about all of the questions!
> LOL :)

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