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While I now use Innovex's DAB Enhancer, I have in the past (5-6 years ago)
used Osmium.  I don't
reccomend it for safety reasons.  NiCl metods also work well (carefull it's
a carcinogen) but
I've opted for the commercial (pricy) route because of time constraints.  I
might add that most
of the antiboby suppliers sell various DAB enhancing solutions.

If you still want to use Osmium I have the method somewhere ........ and if
you'll send me your
fax # I will send it to you (may take a while as I'm not sure where I filed

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> Netters,
>       Has anyone ever done any immunos using DAB with Imidzole or Osmium
>for a stronger[more
> definite] signal? Would like to do this in our lab and am in the dark. Thanks
> Cynthia Favara
> Rocky Mountain Laboratories
> 903 S 4th Street
> Hamilton, MT 59840
> ph: 406-363-9317
> FAX: 406-363-9286
> e-mail:

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