Re: What pressure is needed on a vacuum oven?

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      I recall that it should pull 20-25 mgHg.

      Andrea Kelly

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Subject: What pressure is needed on a vacuum oven?
Author:  Karen S Pawlowski <> (by way of Histonet) at
Date:    12/1/98 7:25 AM

Hi all,

We recently inherited a vacuum oven for hand processing paraffin blocks.
Actually, I don't know what the oven was originally used for, but we want
to use it to process paraffin blocks.
It can be set at any pressure we want, but I don't know the pressure that
is needed for parafin processing and I can't find it listed in any of my
histology texts.  Anyone out there know what it is off hand?

Thanks in advance,

Karen Pawlowski
Dept. of Otolaryngology
UT Southwestern Med. Ctr.
Dallas, TX

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