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     I have info on the American Association of Pathologists' Assistants
     annual meeting.  The contact I have is Pamela Younes, the Conference
     Committe Chair.  Her address is;
                        Dept of Pathology
                        Baylor College of Medicine
                        One Baylor Plaza
                        Houston, TX 77030

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Subject: Pathologist Assistant
Author:  John & Tracey MacKinnon <> at Internet
Date:    12/5/98 12:23 PM

I am looking for information on programs for Pathologists' Assistants.  Are
all full time programs or can they be done part time and  partially by
correspondence.  Can you be granted advanced standing based on your experience
and relevant education.  Also does anyone know if there are any such
programs in

Any information or direction will be appreciated.

John MacKinnon, MLT, ART

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