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     I am just beginning my 9th month of pregnancy and also was
concerned when I became pregnant.  Being that I am the only Histo Tech
here, it was pretty much impossible for me to be reassigned.  I
consulted a specialist at the hospital where I am delivering and he said
from all the reading he had done, he did not see an increased risk for
defects/problems than those of the general population.  He had me get 2
specialized ultrasounds during the pregnancy to be on the safe side and
everything is normal.  I wear a respirator while changing the solutions
in the processor and making up formalin and I gross under a hood.  I am
also extra aware of wearing gloves during most special stains and all
previously noted work.  If it is possible to be reassigned then I guess
better safe than sorry is probably best, but I think that just paying
close attention to what you are doing is okay as well.

Tammie Wagner
Veterinary Diagnostic Services
Albuquerque, NM

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