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Tammie Wagner wrote:

Just wondering. Are you being periodically retested for your
pulmonary function? It would seem to me, that as the baby takes
up more room, your vital lung capacity and pulmonary function
would continually change and decrease.

Doesn't wearing a respirator depend upon the lung function?
And if the lung function is too low, then you can't wear a

>      I am just beginning my 9th month of pregnancy and also was
> concerned when I became pregnant.  Being that I am the only Histo Tech
> here, it was pretty much impossible for me to be reassigned.  I
> consulted a specialist at the hospital where I am delivering and he said
> from all the reading he had done, he did not see an increased risk for
> defects/problems than those of the general population.  He had me get 2
> specialized ultrasounds during the pregnancy to be on the safe side and
> everything is normal.  I wear a respirator while changing the solutions
> in the processor and making up formalin and I gross under a hood.

 I am
> also extra aware of wearing gloves during most special stains and all
> previously noted work.  If it is possible to be reassigned then I guess
> better safe than sorry is probably best, but I think that just paying
> close attention to what you are doing is okay as well.
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