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The chroma number is probably the manufacturer's product number.

I tried to locate Fast Red V , Fast Red VR or Carmoisine L in Merck KGaA
and BDH (Canada) catalogs and was not able to find it.  I did find
Carmoisine A at BDH.

I  noticed in Conn's, there were not to many manufacturers of this dye by
1971.  Maybe someone from the Biological Stain Commission or someone
subscribing to this site may be able to help you locate the dye.

Good luck.

Rande Kline HT (ASCP)
Technical Services
EM Science

Sarah Christo <schristo@CVM.TAMU.EDU> on 12/10/98 09:20:51 AM

Subject:  Carmoisine L and Fast Red V

Dear Histonetters,
   A researcher has requested the stain
Carmoisine-Orange G-Wool Green by Brookes,
1968.  (I know it's old and out of date but I havn't
been able to get out of this one)  One of the synonyms for carmoisine is
Fast Red VR.
 I have an old bottle of Fast Red V.
(Chroma-Gesellschaft, circa 1970's).
Does anyone know if this couldbe the same as
Fast Red VR?  I cannot find any reference to
Fast Red V in Conn's.  There is a Chroma number
of 10603 on the bottle of Fast Red V, is this the
CI#?, (CI# for Carmoisine is 14835).

Thanks, Sarah Christo, Texas A&M, Vet. Anatomy.

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