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Dear colleagues,
you will find there  is a plethora of regulation governing amounts, storage
and conditions of storage: these will range from State to Federal and from
authorities such as the Health Dept., Building Authority, OH&S, Transport
Authorities etc. The bulk of these will be covered by some form of
Legislation eg. Dangerous Goods Act., Poisons Act., Uniform Building Code.,
Standards Assoc., Fire Act., and the list goes on.
At any given time in your Institution any or all of the Legislations may
apply as may do the Authorities; so, gather them all, select the most
stringent and apply it.
It is clear from some experienced persons that compliance is difficult if
not damn impossible in some instances,it is therefore critical that proper
representation be made to the relevant authorities etc. to implement change
that allows for good work practice and sensible regulation.
In my old lab, which was in an old bank building, we stored our flammables
in the Vault, which was contructed out of three foot concrete/steel and we
modified by incorporating bunding in the floor and putting an explosion
panel in the roof vented to the outside; this certainly met our local regs.
as having greater than a 2hr fire rating and stored less than 1000litres.
The internal light was a flash-proof/ignition proof type. The new lab. since
constructed has an external flammable store 5 meters from the Histo lab. and
the entire Lab flammables are kept there, including Haematology, Micro and
Biochem. Staff still use an internal Flamm. cupboard DGA Appd, but this only
has a max. capacity of 100 litres, and in which we store only 60-70 Litres
(enough for changing the processorsx2 ,stain machines and a flamm.waste
I would point out that I have seen several instances where in industry,
Steel shipping containers have been converted into Flammable stores, and we
had contemplated doing this but the Boss would have lost his car parking
space (We didn't mind). Again these need to sited at least 5meters from a
building and three meters from a clear title boundary.
Common sense and innovation may allow you to stay within regs. but be
prepared for the 5 meter walk and don't forget your raincoat.
Regards Mike Rentsch (Downunder)

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