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From:Alex Brown <> (by way of histonet)
To:histonet <>
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Hi Edward,
	Don't know if this is what you mean, but we use a software
package called 'PC Label 3'.  It's a software product that you run from
a PC ( any old PC will do ) which allows you to design labels to your
own specification. We produce a variety of labels for our specimen jars,
reagent bottles, address labels, warning labels, slide labels etc.,
which we print on a Zebra thermal transfer printer. The software is very
easy to use. For the histology and cytology slide labels we download the
information from the lab computer, but you could print them individually
(if you needed to) using the PC.
	We bought it from a company in Edinburgh called Colin Hampton
Associates, but the product is supplied by a company in England called
Image Computer Systems Ltd. Unfortunately I don't have a number for them
, only an address, but I have an E-mail address for Colin Hampton if you
need it.
		Hope this is of some use,
			Alex. Brown
			Crosshouse Hospital
			Kilmarnock, Scotland.
From: Edward Henry
Subject: label program
Date: 02 December 1998 15:25

I am looking for a multiple label generating program for histology and
cytology slides.  Currently, the lab is typing slide labels and I'd
like to move-up to the 90's.  Any suggestions?

Edward Henry, Manager
Holy Cross Health Systems
Silver Spring, MD

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