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Hi Billie,

We were having a problem finding enough stations to put both the hypo
and the iodine on the Leica. We decided to go with the first station as
iodine/xylene. This removes mercuric chloride crystals well. We have had
only two cases in the last year where we felt it needed additional
treatment and we have a lot of B-5 fixed tissue. This is also a good
choice for immunoperoxidase slides because the hypo will interfere with
some IHC staining if done before the procedure. The iodine has had no
adverse effects on the instrument due to the iodine as far as we can

On a somewhat related subject, we have 8 Leica staining racks that we
will no longer need. We purchased a Sakura coverslipper so we will be
using different racks. The Leica racks were unbelievably expensive and
we were hoping to sell them to someone who might need them at a greatly
reduced price. I have to check what we paid for them but I think it was
over $250 each, we haven't had them very long, and we would like to
recoup some money for them. If anyone out there is interested, please
let me know.

Marg Hagerty
Eisenhower Medical Center

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> Happy Holidays Everyone!
> Is there anyone out there using Iodine and Hypo on their Leica
> Autostainer
> XL?  If so, have you had any trouble with the instrument because of
> this use
> on the instrument?  Any information would be appreciated.  Thanks,
> Billie Smith
> Baylor College of Medicine/Texas Children's Hospital
> Houston, Texas

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