RE: Formaldehyde and Pregnant Path. Tech

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From:Mark & Carrie Byrne <> (by way of histonet)
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i now have a happy, healthy, walking 9mo boy....after 9mos of pregnancy
while working in a histo lab.  the only things i requested reassignment for
were cryosectioning (couldn't reach the handle comfortably...too big!) and
changing the processor (difficult to bend over).  we have another tech in
our lab who is due in jan. and she's not modified her work with the
exception of physical limitations.  her pregnancy is going just
fine....u/s's are perfect.  i've known several pathologists who've continued
grossing with no detrimental effects on their babies.
i guess it gets down to.....if you can be reassigned and you would be more it.  if not, i think the likelyhood of problems extremely
as far as xylene exposure during coverslipping....i used nitrile gloves,
changed them often and worked under a hood.
happy holidays,
carrie kyle-byrne

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