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Yes, there is an inservice on the use of the respirator.  Anyone working
directly with formalin, etc. must be familiar with and fitted for the

As far as the pulmonary function test, I have not had one.  Actually, it
hadn't occured to me.  That is a very good question and should probably
be brought up here for anyone else in this situation.  Being that I am 6
feet tall, I have not noticed any difficulty breathing whatsoever during
my pregnancy. (The little creature is just lounging around in there in
all the space!) Not that there hasn't been, but I have not noticed any.
Now, that may change in the next 4 weeks, I don't know.

I am very happy to see so many people concerned about this and that
there are actually supervisors and coworkers that are willing to shift
job duties for someone else.  Frankly, I was surprised to see it!  I
must be getting cynical in my young age!  ha ha

Tammie Wagner
Veterinary Diagnostic Services
Albuquerque, NM

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