Frozen Section Shrinkage

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I am posting this question as per a disscusion with my pathologist. When we do
frozen sections, which are embedded in OCT medium, then melted with H2O and
put into a cassettte with/without sponges, it seems the tissue is shrinking
considerably (more than 1/2 the original size when compared to frozen slides).
I seem to think it happens more with lymph nodes than any other tissue, breast
and uterus usually come out somewhat similar. He seems to think somewhere
along the line we are either loosing part of the tissue ( I hardly think so )
or cutting too deep a section in the morning (again, no). We realize some
shrinkage occurs during fixation afterwards and during processing. Has anyone
else had this problem and/or have some sort of resolution for me to try? Could
it possibly be the lymph nodes? We use zinc buffered formalin for fixation.
I'd appreciate any information. Thanks in advance!


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