FW: IPX or In situ hybridization for lymphocyti c choriomeningitis vir

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Thought I'd forward this on to see if anyone can respond.

Bruce W. Brodersen, DVM, PhD	bbrodersen1@unl.edu
Veterinary Diagnostic Center		phone: 402 472-1434
University of Nebraska		fax: 402 472-3094

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From:	Barbara Daft [SMTP:bdaft@cvdls.UCDAVIS.EDU]
Sent:	Wednesday, December 09, 1998 10:46 AM
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Subject:	IPX or In situ hybridization for lymphocytic
choriomeningitis	vir

I am looking for a lab that can run IPX or in situ hybridization for this
virus. Does anyone know of a lab that does this test? I would like to try
on chicken specimens in which I suspect hypoglycemia-spiking mortality
syndrome. Thank you so much for your help.

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