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To echo the words of the other Histonetters, no, Cel Rutledge, you are not
alone, the problem of leaking specimen containers is world wide and is as
old as our profession.
We tackled the problem in two ways, firstly, we educated our messengers as
to the necessity of delivering the specimen entact, and that they have the
right to refuse to touch or collect anything that appears to be leaking.
They carry cell phones so that we can have "on site discussions" with our
more difficult customers.
	We also issued a "spillage pack" to each messenger, which consists of a
plastic bottle of Sodium Hypochlorite, wads of paper toweling, heavy duty
plastic bags, gloves, masks, biohazard stickers and tape, and a face
shield, in the event of a spillage while in transit.
	We then tackled all our suppliers, and as Barry Rittman advised, we
pointed out the possible legal implications, the inconvenience to the
patients, and that they would suffer the wrath of the Doctor/Surgeon
concerned and not us.
	The problem will never be entirely stopped, but we have noticed a
reduction in the receipt of leaking specimens.

Mike Kirby
Chief Safety Officer

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