Re: [Histonet] Alcohols - clarification - help needed

From:Rene J Buesa

  Let me try to answer your question:
  1- as you have already figured out the "proof" value = (ethanol contents) X 2 so a "200 proof" y 100% or pure ethanol.
  2- ethanol is usually "denatured" to make in undrinkable by its "fans" therefore all the regulations involved in selling it "pure"
  3- a 190 proof = 95% ethanol + 5% of "something" but usually not water, and it could be toluene or any other thing (sometimes methanol).
  Probably you have been using methilated alcohol (like in the UK) and if you cannot use pure ethanol for administrative reasons, I would advise you to switch to isopropanol = 2-propanol = propanol that is less harsh than both methanol and ethanol for your particular type of tissue and that you can obtain pure.
  René J.
Tracy Bergeron  wrote:

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