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From:"Weems, Joyce"

Maxim, If Gayle's answer is that your solution does not work well for IHC, there is a product from BBC Biochemical that is designed for IHC - and it does work well. We use it for our bonemarrows.  

6086  	RapidCal•Immuno™, 1Pint  	 	
6087 	RapidCal•Immuno™, 1 Quart 		
6089 	RapidCal•Immuno™, 1 Gallon 		
6090 	RapidCal•Immuno™, 1 Gallon Cube 	

Cheers! j

Joyce Weems
Pathology Manager
Saint Joseph's Hospital of Atlanta
404-851-7831 - Fax

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Does this solution (4% hydrochloric acid/8% formic
acid) damage to IHC in any ways or better use 15%
formic acid for this purpose? We will do IHC for
breast (ER, PgR, Ki67 and Her2).
Maxim Peshkov

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