[Histonet] Off topic: Free samples of chemiluminescent substrates


   Michigan  Diagnostics  Is  offering  free  evaluation  samples  to the
   research  co=  mmunity.   All  we  need is a fedex, UPS or DHL account
   number, so we don= 't have to absorb all that cost.
   Luminol  based HRP substrate and dioxetane based AP substrate are what
   were = currently offering as free samples.(various sensitivities)
   We  do  have  other  substrates for sale, including chemilumi= nescent
   substrates  for  the detection of Beta-Glucosidase, Beta-Galactosidase
   and  Be=  ta-Glucuronidase. For a full product list check our website,
   www.michdiag.c= om , or email me directly for a pdf catalog.
   Sorry  if  you  think this is too off topic. Please don't flame me too
   badly.   Best Regards,
   Richard Kuzma
   Production Manager
   Michigan<= /span> Diagnostics LLC 2611 P= armenter Blvd.
   Royal Oak, MI. 48073 USA
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